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We are here at Choice Property Management to provide hassle free property management.  We try to eliminate the stress out of owning rental property.  We do so at very modest financial cost.  Many times at no real cost.  We strive to maximize your rental income thru industry wide research of area rents.

Like other property management firms, we provide you with a range of services.  What sets us apart, however, is our strong experience and rates.

Our Experience.   We've been in the California real estate and property management business for over 45 years and can provide you with expert help on a variety of real estate needs. Plus, we're one of the largest single-family property management companies in the areas we service.  Each manager is responsible for no more than 75 properties.  Far less than large companies which force their agents to handle 250-300 properties.  Leaving many clients feeling neglected, because they are.

Our Rates.  

Placing a new tenant or renewing a lease for an existing tenant.
We charge reasonable fees, usually less than the major companies and offer multi property discounts.  Call or e-mail for details.

We prepare all documents and forms needed to get the right tenant into the property.  

We provide eviction protection for only $100/200 per year.

We provide a move in and move out inspection 
We provide a tenant retention program at no cost to you the owner.

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